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Club Officers & Directors 2021-2022


Susan Driscoll

Immediate Past President

Susan Driscoll

First Vice President

Marc Amklov


Annette Norch

Membership Chair

Mike Hicks

Service Chair

Brian Carter

Marketing Chair

Deliris Montanez

Lion Tamer

Carlos Kaplan

Tail Twister

Sandy Gibson

1st year Directors

Lamont Cain

Ernie Hernandez

Candy Schoen

Project Chairs

West Texas Lions EyeHealth Foundation

Susan Driscoll
Annette Norch

Eyeglass Recycling

Efren Dominguez

Salvation Army Bell Ringing

Armando Medrano

Texas Lions Camp

Armondo Medrano

Uniform Swap

Susan Driscoll

Sun Bowl Parade Float

Lamont Cain
Susan Driscoll

Lion Float

Marc Almkolv

Health & Welfare

Jack Bristol

Program Chairs

July – Minerva
Aug – Sandy Gibson
Sept – Vic arias
Oct – Jim Peak

Lions Tale

Susan Driscoll

Lions Tale

Susan Driscoll

Opportunities for Youth


Peace Poster

Marc Almklov

People’s Concert for 5th graders

El Paso Symphony
Larry Franceware


Susan Driscoll

Social Events

Rick Kern

It’s great to be an El Paso Downtown Lion!