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Legacy Lions

Legacy Lions

This is the special member who is the guiding force that keeps your club strong and active. Recognizing your Club’s Legacy Lion gives us an opportunity to recognize a member who represents what your club is all about. That Lion may be a PDG; he/she may be a past president; he/she may be a Lion who has never served in an elected officer position. It is up to your club to decide on the criteria to use in selecting the individual that you wish to honor.

2020-21 – Mike Hicks
2019-20 – Rick Kern
2018-19 – Neil Siegel
2017-18 – Bob Lindsey
2016-17 – Carlos Kaplan
2015-16 – Jim Peak
2014-15 – Charlie Orndorff
2013-14 – Efren Dominguez
2012-13 – Ed Lobdell
2011-12 – Phil Stoner
2010-11 – Rod Davenport
2009-10 – Ralph Seitsinger
2008-09 – Gene Reimer
2007-08 – Lloyd Stevens
2006-07 – Paul Berry Sr.
2005-06 – Bill Driscoll
2004-05 – Frank Leroux
2003-04 – Leonard Lidiak