Lions Habitat House built January  - May 2007
El Paso Downtown Lions Club

January 5th                             Construction Meeting- Supervisors, committee, architect
January 22nd                          Team meeting – Lions Clubs/HFHEP – Plans Received
January 23rd – 26th               Distribute plans for final take offs and bids
January 29th – 31st               Survey lot, set corner stake for slab
January 29th – Feb 9th         Review bids and place truss / material orders
Feb 7th or 8th                         Set forms for the slab (Slab labor)
Feb 9th                                     SunQuest Plumbing – Install plumbing lines
Feb 10th  (Sat)                        Dig Post-tension complete by February 12th  
Lions Clubs Volunteers (6-10) – Dig trenches for post tension
Feb 12th                                  Install Post-tension
Feb 13th                                  Pour slab                 
Feb 14th – 15th                      Layout Framing/ mark slab – Lions Clubs member assistance
Feb 16-19th                            Framing and Wall construction – Lions Clubs (10),
Needham High School Break Group (20)
Feb20th -21st                        Trusses - Needham High School Break Group & Lions Clubs
Feb22nd -24th                       Sheeting & Bracing – Lions Clubs Volunteers (10-14)
Feb 24th (Sat)                        Windows and Roofing (Zuniga Roofing – Labor)
Lions Clubs Volunteers (8-12)
Feb25th & 26th                      Roofing   
Feb 27th - March 5th            1) HVAC 2) Plumbers 3) Electricians  
ions Clubs Volunteers – Feb. 27th, 28th, March 1st, 2nd, 3rd  
March 12th – March 16th      Exterior siding, insulation & start on dry wall
Illinois Institute of Technology (12 students)
Bemidji State Unv. (5 students)  
March 17th                              Continue siding and/or sheetrock
March 19th & 20th                 Mud & tape, texture - Contractor
March 24th                              Tape windows, primer (paint) inside and outside
Lions Clubs (10-12)
March 26th                              Tile kitchen cabinet area
March 26th -April 9th              Finish all floor tile & install cabinets
March 31st, April 1st & 7th    Lions Clubs Volunteers – Ceramic Tile (10-12)
April 16th                                  Bathroom tile & begin trim & molding & doors
April 23rd                                 Finish trim and start painting
April 28th – May 5th               Complete painting and clean-up
May 5th & 6th                          Landscaping – Master Gardeners &
Lions Clubs Volunteers (14-16)
May 6-12th                              Furniture/set up – Manos De Dios and Lions Clubs Volunteers
May 12th                                  Diebel Lions Clubs Habitat Home Dedication!!!!!!!  from 4:00-6:00
The Lions of District 2-T3, lead by Lion Susan Driscoll, sold and
cooked 100 whole briskets a day for 6 days to raise $10,000 to build
a house. We obtained a matching grant from Lions Club
International Foundation.  Habitat for Humanity's foreman lead Lions
and other volunteers, to include Ft. Bliss soldiers and college
students from other states. The house was built near Horizon City for
a family with a disabled member.  Go to the photo album page to
view pictures of a photo diary of the house build by date.
07 May 12 Dedication