Fund Raisers
El Paso Downtown Lions Club

Dinner with the Miners was initiated in 1974 as a civic project by the El Paso
Downtown Lions Club.  It  was inspired by PP John Phelan and was originally
designed to honor the football team and its coaches.  Project chairman Lion
Fred Witt, along with Lions Paul Berry, Bill Littlefied and Vic Blanco, organized
the first of what has now become an annual event.  The scope of the "Dinner"  
was expanded during 1977 to include all University athletes and coaches.  
That year presented the first net proceeds of $389.71 from the dinner to the
University's Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.

In 1979, based upon a recommendation from Lions Paul Berry, Bill Littlefield,
Joe  Wilson, and  Fred Witt, the Downtown Lions Club voted to establish a
memorial endowment with the University of Texas System.  Accrued surplus
monies in the amount of $10,000 were designated for this project and
"The El
Paso Downtown Lions Memorial Endowment Fund"
was established in
1980. PP Lion Jim Peak was instrumental in establishing this fund.  It was
created by the monies donated by the estates of deceased Lions members
and families. Thanks to the support of the business community and Miner fans,
the Fund reached $100,000 during 1993.

The Downtown Lions Club, in keeping with the commitment to education and
UTEP, and as a fitting tribute to Lion PP John Phelan, the individual who during
1993.  During January 1994, in a ceremony attended by Lion PP Phelan and
UTEP President Diana Natalicio, "
The Downtown Lions/John Phelan
Endowed Athletic Scholarship Fund
" was created as a  second permanent
endowment. Fifty percent of the earnings are used for scholarships. With
continued support these funds have matured to over $500,000.00.
The Dinner with the Miners was ended by UTEP Athletic Dept in 2018.

An annual Golf Tournament is held to raise funds
primarily for transportation for children with disabilities to
attend the
Texas Lions Camp and secondarily to support
other Lions Charities

Comedy Club Fundraisers

Chihuahua Game Fundraisers

Bingo:  Friday night -  6:30pm
at Superior Bingo
6369 Montana Ave