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President Marc Almklov

Even though I was not able to attend the meeting this Friday, thanks to
fellow Lions I was able to stay in the loop as to how the meeting went.  I
was informed that the meeting was well attended, and that Lions exhibited
their grace and resolve through prayer, recognitions and donations.  
Regarding this, last week what happened in El Paso brought tragedy and
sorrow close to home, no longer was it something that happened far away,
it was in our back yard.  The news was hard to absorb trying to grasp what
really happened and then trying to understand why it happened.  
Throughout the week, events kept unfolding, testing what we feel, think,
and believe.  There were times when watching the news, one would think,
why are we into this now, hasn’t enough happened already, why did such a
tragedy have to expand to other areas that sometimes overshadowed the
needs of the families and the community.  All of this amplifies the reality
that our world is changing.  These changes sometimes seem great and
other times, like this last week, are very horrific.  As these changes occur it
is important to hold steadfast to our values.  Strong values can provide a
strong corner stone for people to weather changes and navigate through
uncertainty.  Lions have strong values, as demonstrated in Friday’s
meeting, values that we can put to work to help others.  This reminds us of
why we joined the Lions, to serve others, to show compassion for our
community and to step in where allowed so that we may contribute,
whether its money or time, to comfort, assist, and promote the healing
As a Lion Community we can continue to make a positive impact on those
that we serve as it has been for over 96 years.

It is Great to be a Downtown Lion!!!

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