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     Volume 77   Issue 36   Reporter   Larry Franceware   March  08, 2019
CALL TO ORDER:  Lion Boss Mike Hicks called the Meeting to Order. Lion Robert
Vera gave the Invocation; Lion Larry Franceware led the Pledge of Allegiance;
Lion Emma Caylor led the song “ God Bless America” and the “Lions Roar!”
Everybody sang!!
GUESTS: IPDG John Feighery introduced his wife Jean; Lion Mac Snodgrass
introduced his wife Enedina.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Lion Boss Mike made a call for Melvin Jones Fellows to
remain after lunch in order to discuss candidates for the Melvin Jones award;
Lion Boss Mike read a letter to the Lions from Chris Davenport “ Thank You for
being friends for me”…a constructed poem of thanks commemorating the
passing of Lion Rod Davenport; Lion Mac reminded of the last chance to sign up
for the UTEP Dinner Theater  play “Momma Mia” for  April 25 and passed around
the signup sheet; Lion Sandy Gibson announced that Mimi Gladstein and Carol
Eastman will speak on “The Women of Smeltertown” next week at the Lions
HEALTH & WELFARE: Lion Mac announced that Sharon Kern (Lion Rick Kern’s
wife) at home recovering well at home.
HISTORY:  Lion Neil Siegel recounted the founding of Lions shortly after WWI
where the gift of democracy was demonstrated at club level by having elections
for club officers and to this day Lions exhibit that faith in democracy and in each
other. Club elections throughout are in the offing including Downtown Lions
Board positions.
PROGRAM: Campaign Day: Past President Lion Armando Medrano introduced
the candidates and was the timekeeper; For President: (1st VP) Lion Marc
Almklov brought a box containing the tools he will use as President:
demonstrated amongst them was a screwdriver to tighten loose ends, a
plumbers helper pipe wrench to keep things flowing, and a saw to cut through
red or blue tape. For 1st VP: (2nd VP) Lion Susan Driscoll elicited votes by
dressing up as Minnie Pearl and telling slapstick jokes. Lion Pat Orndorff for Lion
Twister walked around twice shaking her table serviette behind her as a tail;
Lion Larry for Service Project Coordinator wore Mardi Gras beads and St Patricks
day beads together and left plastic lucky coins at the tables which were then
tossed from table to table and also back at him as he spoke. Lion Mac as a Texas
Cowboy boldly announced his running for Program Chair. PDG Jim Peak will
assist whereupon Lion Mac announced that the Lions will get 2 for 1 on this deal.
Lion Armando announced himself for Director and Lion Emma campaigned for
Membership Chair and announced a 5-20k fundraising effort that she will
spearhead.   Lion Boss Mike for Imm. Past Pres. told a Hiss and Cheer joke ala the
Texas A&M midnite yell. He shied away from demonstrating the yell though.  
It’s Great to be a Lion…ROARRRRRRR
Thank you to the
Reporters for 2018-19

John Feighery

Mark Barragan

Marilu Beard

Carlos Kaplan

Mac Snodgrass

Robert Vera

Roger Nichols

Jack Bristol

David Zarazua

Marc Almklov

Candy Schoen

Larry Franceware