Lions Habitat House
El Paso Downtown Lions Club

January 5th                             Construction Meeting- Supervisors, committee, architect
January 22nd                          Team meeting – Lions Clubs/HFHEP – Plans Received
January 23rd – 26th               Distribute plans for final take offs and bids
January 29th – 31st               Survey lot, set corner stake for slab
January 29th – Feb 9th         Review bids and place truss / material orders
Feb 7th or 8th                         Set forms for the slab (Slab labor)
Feb 9th                                     SunQuest Plumbing – Install plumbing lines
Feb 10th  (Sat)                        Dig Post-tension complete by February 12th  
Lions Clubs Volunteers (6-10) – Dig trenches for post tension
Feb 12th                                  Install Post-tension
Feb 13th                                  Pour slab                 
Feb 14th – 15th                      Layout Framing/ mark slab – Lions Clubs member assistance
Feb 16-19th                            Framing and Wall construction – Lions Clubs (10),
Needham High School Break Group (20)
Feb20th -21st                        Trusses - Needham High School Break Group & Lions Clubs
Feb22nd -24th                       Sheeting & Bracing – Lions Clubs Volunteers (10-14)
Feb 24th (Sat)                        Windows and Roofing (Zuniga Roofing – Labor)
Lions Clubs Volunteers (8-12)
Feb25th & 26th                      Roofing   
Feb 27th - March 5th            1) HVAC 2) Plumbers 3) Electricians  
ions Clubs Volunteers – Feb. 27th, 28th, March 1st, 2nd, 3rd  
March 12th – March 16th      Exterior siding, insulation & start on dry wall
Illinois Institute of Technology (12 students)
Bemidji State Unv. (5 students)  
March 17th                              Continue siding and/or sheetrock
March 19th & 20th                 Mud & tape, texture - Contractor
March 24th                              Tape windows, primer (paint) inside and outside
Lions Clubs (10-12)
March 26th                              Tile kitchen cabinet area
March 26th -April 9th              Finish all floor tile & install cabinets
March 31st, April 1st & 7th    Lions Clubs Volunteers – Ceramic Tile (10-12)
April 16th                                  Bathroom tile & begin trim & molding & doors
April 23rd                                 Finish trim and start painting
April 28th – May 5th               Complete painting and clean-up
May 5th & 6th                          Landscaping – Master Gardeners &
Lions Clubs Volunteers (14-16)
May 6-12th                              Furniture/set up – Manos De Dios and Lions Clubs Volunteers
May 12th                                  Diebel Lions Clubs Habitat Home Dedication!!!!!!!  from 4:00-6:00
and sell whole briskets to raise money Habitat for Humanity to build
a house.  The house was  built near Horizon City for a family with a
disabled member.  Go to the photo album page to view pictures of
a photo diary of the house build by date.