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President Michael Hicks
   The meeting was again filled with a lot of excitement, it seems that
whenever we have a military program there is more energy in the room.  
For those Lions that are not coming to the meeting, you are missing some
good fellowship.  We got some great new Lions that have joined our club
this year, but we need a lot more.  Please help by recruiting a new Lion for
the club, in the next two months.  Long story short, we have done a lot of
good things and still have time to do more.      
    We still have another fund raiser coming up in May, and we need your
help.  It is the fund raiser at the Comedy Club social that we are now selling
tickets. Please contact Lion Susan if you need tickets to sell.  Help us meet
our final obligations as Lions.      
   The movement of the float barn materials into the temporary location is
in progress.  It seems that we are getting a lot of help from the Rescue
Mission.  We got a little more time in the move, but we still need your
help.    Please contact Lion Susan for move times this week, but I know
that we need everyone’s help every Saturday.  Again, I will repeat that
being in an organization like Lions is a sacrifice and a lot of people
appreciate your sacrifice.
    The board has approved the purchase of a used smoker and now we
need fund raising events.  If you hear of an event please contact a member
of the board so that we can plan for the event.  We have used the smoker
in the past for the selling of turkey legs, sausages, and of course brisquet.  
We can make whole brisquets or do an event and make sandwiches, with
sides.  This will be a lot of fun.      
        Our club has been working in El Paso for over ninety five years, let us
continue to do so.  
             It Is Great To Be A Downtown Lion!!

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