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President Michael Hicks

      It was nice to be running the meeting again.  I am excited for what
we will accomplish in the last part of my term.  I was really looking
forward to the Dinner with the Miners, unfortunately UTEP had other
plans.  They have decided that after over 45 years and donating more
than 500,000 to UTEP, they want to go a different direction and don’t
want the services of the Downtown Lions.  I was at first a little upset,
but after I settled down I realized that we could do a lot more with our
time and money.  I will be looking for the next thing that will continue
to make our club one of the best in Lionism.  Please contact me or a
member of our board with your ideas.      
   At our last board meeting I appointed Lion Nate to the position of
Publicity Chairman.  I think that it is wonderful when our new
members get involved.  We need to recruit more members to continue
to do the work of Lionism, and this is what I will talk about every
week.  I hope all of our members will start the new year with the
resolution of bringing in a new member.    
   I will bring a proposal to the next board meeting to replace the
smoker on our trailer.  I think that it is time that we started smoking
and selling meat at some of the many functions around town.  It is a
good fund raiser and it also promotes Lionism.    
   I will give you an update about the possibility of a float barn in the
near future.  Please help me put a bug in the ear of our foundation
board members.  
      Our club has been working in El Paso for over ninety five years,
let us continue to do so.                  
            It Is Great To Be A Downtown Lion!!

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