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President Michael Hicks
   The Friday meeting went smoothly, thank you to all that make that
happen.  Thank You to the ladies from the Diabetes association that
were doing blood glucose testing.   I really liked the fact that Lion
Susan invited the mom of a camper that went to the Lions Diabetic
camp in Kerrville, Texas for our diabetes awareness program.  The
child’s name is Brianna Morales, and her mom passed out Thank You
cards that said, “The experience that I had at the Lions Camp for Type
1 diabetic kids made a big difference in my Life!  Thank you for
providing me with such a wonderful opportunity.”  I know we don’t
send kids to camp for the praise, but it is nice to hear that what we do
is appreciated.  

Lion PDG Jim Peak inducted a new Lion, Lion Karen.  That is two new
Lions for the year, twenty three more to go.  Good job Lions!!!    
   Please keep praying for Lion Pat, Lion PDG Rod Davenport and
Lion Duane Juvrud and his family, they still need your prayers and
support for the trials they are going through. It was good to see Lion
Sandy Gibson back at the meeting.    

 I like to include some information on Lions that are quietly working
behind the scenes to make a difference for our club.  Lion Director
Jack donated a flag that flew over the US Capital for our raffle next
week, and Lion Pat does a great job of getting raffle prizes for the
drawling every week, Thank you Lions Jack and Pat.     

   The two committees that will need your help as soon as possible
are the building of the float and the golf tournament.  Please contact
me as soon as possible if you can help on these committees.  

  Our club has been working in El Paso for over ninety five years, let
us continue to do so.   
            It Is Great To Be A Downtown Lion!!

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