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President Michael Hicks
    The meeting was again a good one and we had a larger group of
active Lions.  The food was good, the fellowship was good, and the
speaker was excellent.  The speaker was Julie Porflit, the Teacher of
the year at her school, Moye Elementary school in northeast El Paso.  
She brought her Mother, Jamie Wiggs, who is a very good friend of
mine.  Jamie talked about the library she created at her school to help
encourage her kids to read.  I loved the program because it is exactly
what we do at our childcare centers.  Good for her, and great for her

    Lion Nathaniel, who is one of our newest Lions, has agreed to lead
the committee that is putting together a team for the alzheimers walk.  
Please let Lion Nathaniel know if you are interested in the walk.  Lion
John Eger is getting married in early November, please let him know if
you can attend.  Also, we will have a visit from our District Governor
on October 19th, please invite a guest.        

    Please keep praying for Lion Pat, Lion PDG Rod Davenport, Lion
Duane Juvrud and his family, and Bob Lindsey and his wife for the
trials they are going through.          

  The golf committee is at work trying to sell teams and advertising
on the holes and needs your help.  We currently have 6 teams and
only 10 holes sold.  I will continue to work hard because I know that
we always come through in the end.  
    Lion Susan and Lion Marc A. are hard at work on the float, but they
need help.  Please contact me as soon as possible if you can help on
these committees.    

   Our club has been working in El Paso for over ninety five years, let
us continue to do so.             
  It Is Great To Be A Downtown Lion!!

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