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President Michael Hicks

    The meeting seemed to have more energy than usual and it was
a lot of fun.  One of the things that we did is cancel the meeting on
November 23rd.  We are passing around a list to see who wants to
attend the city wide meeting for Thanksgiving, more information will
follow.  I played in our golf tournament 2 weeks ago and I have to tell
you that it was a lot of fun.  Everyone that played really seemed to
enjoy themselves.  I can now report that the tournament made more
money than last year and I think it was a success and look forward to
next year.  Maybe we can partner with another club and help them
enjoy some success also.   
   Our speaker for the meeting was the new coach of the UTEP
basketball team, Rodney Terry and I really believe that we got a great
one.  He talked about the overall development of the players, not just
as players, but as young men that do it the right way.  This is
definitely something that is lacking in todays’ athletes.       
    Please keep praying for Lion Pat, Lion PDG Rod Davenport, and
Bob Lindsey and his wife for the trials they are going through.     
   Lion Susan announced all who are hard at work on the float and
needs your help.  Be prepared to help during the week and weekends
starting as soon as possible.  Lion Ernie is working on a sponsor for
the float, but if you know of someone that is interested in sponsoring
our float, please let me know as soon as possible.      
   Our club has been working in El Paso for over ninety five years, let
us continue to do so.   
             It Is Great To Be A Downtown Lion!!

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